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I wanted to announce that I will be taking you all to an event this Thursday p.m. as a part of the Creative Non-Fiction week. At 7:30 PM Art Spiegelman will be speaking at the Conaway Center, 1104 S. Wabash, 1st floor. Please meet me in the classroom first, at our usual time, and we’ll walk over to this event together. Before Thursday, please familiarize yourself with Spiegelman and his work. I expect you all to be prepared with some good questions, should you get an opportunity to ask him questions.


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For those of you who are interested, the Institute for the Study of Women & Gender in the Arts and Media here at Columbia is co-sponsoring an event on Darfur. For those who go, if you want to write a little something about your thoughts on the symposium or exhibit, I’ll give extra credit.


Ron Haviv/VII courtesy of Hasted Hunt Gallery through Columbia College Chicago e-mail announcement.

An internationally touring multimedia exhibit highlighting the
crisis & culture of Darfur is coming to Chicago.

Starting October 7, fifteen community venues, including the Field Museum, will present outdoor projections of photographs taken in Darfur as a form of visual education about the richly multi-cultural region and the horrors of its ongoing humanitarian crisis.”

Join us at this free symposium during this city-wide focus:

Opening Performance
Chicago Children’s Choir

Olivier Bercault
Human Rights Watch

Daoud Hari
Voices from Darfur

Connie Kamara
American Refugee Committee International

Ryan Spencer Reed

Moderated by:
Dr. Lynette Jackson
Associate Professor, Gender and Women’s Studies and African American Studies
University of Illinois at Chicago

Special outdoor viewing of DARFUR/DARFUR
Groups of 20 or more please RSVP at

For individual exhibit locations and schedules please see: and

Hi folks, I’ve spoken with the manager of the bookstore, and both books ARE in the bookstore and have been for several days, so those of you who haven’t gotten copies yet need to go in and buy them ASAP, because much of the materials we’ve covered (and in the readings) WILL be on the final exam. I know it’s a pain going in there several times, but it is as much your responsibility to ask the bookstore people when copies are coming in as it is mine. If you still need to purchase either of these books, you need to go to the back desk in the bookstore and ask for them. There are more than enough copies available.

For this coming Thursday:

  • If you haven’t already, be sure to respond to Response Assignment #2.
  • Read/view the materials below – though you will not have to do a blog response. However, be sure to read/view carefully, so you are prepared to discuss in class.

Readings/Viewings due this Thursday:


“Subjectivity,” p. 35-50, TT

View: Interpellation Slide Show and International Signs and Misinterpretations

Legal Alien” by Pat Mora

    • Also, below is a list of students expected to do their first in-class case study, so be sure that you are prepared to discuss a cultural artifact that is illustrative of any of the readings from either last week or this week.

    September 27th: Larry Bowen, Dwight Osborne, Whitney Hoffman, Hope Lockett

    • For information on what is expected of those doing their in-class case studies, click here.

    And, as always, please email me with any questions.

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