Case Study #1 assignment guidelines & schedule:

The first case study is to be presented on one of the class dates that I will make available in class (you will sign up for your date the first day). For this assignment, you are to help open discussion of readings by locating a cultural artifact that illustrates or exemplifies one or more key points within the readings and discussing its relevance to the readings for that class. Your goal is to assist your student colleagues in reading, analyzing, thinking about, and evaluating culture using the theoretical and critical ideas presented within the readings.

You should come prepared to discuss your artifact utilizing visual aids (images, web sites, handouts, etc.) as compliments to your presentation. Do not rely solely on these visual aids to make your case or argument; you must make the connections between the readings and your artifact explicit in your oral presentation.

You will have approximately five-ten minutes to do your in-class presentation. You may do your presentations individually, or pair up with the other student who also has to present on that day, in which case you should each talk about your artifact.

This case study presentation will count as 15% of your final grade.

In-class Presentation Dates & Names:

September 20th: Hope Lockett

September 27th: Larry Bowen, Dwight Osborne, Whitney Hoffman

October 4th: Jamie Weisinger, Daniel Kauchick, Matt Hansen

October 11th: Carinna Franco, Adam Menard, Britany Steger

October 18th: Lisa Coleman, Valentin Flores, Ben Peterson

October 25th: Olivia Cole, AJ Sherrod, Geoff Firestone

November 8th: MaryAnn McGovern, Andrew Oda, Chris Hemstreet

November 29th: Samantha Paradiso, Olivia Jackson

December 6th: Evelyn Torres, Sean Carter, Cindy Ruiz


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