For next week, read/view the following:real-panopticon.jpg

Consider the following questions – choose ONE SET to respond to:

  1. What example of the panopticon (either a model or structure) can you identify within your own neighborhood? How does it control social behavior and interactions? Discuss, specifically, how your panopticon example utilizes structure, setting, technology, and/or people (employees, guards, and/or other authoritative figures) to survey a large group of people? In what ways does your example fit into the characteristics of the panopticon, according to the article and video? Be sure to reference the reading when discussing your example.
  2. Why is the Internet potentially the most dangerous and/or powerful panopticon model? What examples can you specifically locate (other than those the reading makes reference to) that exemplify characteristics orsurveillance1.jpg elements of the panopticon? Some possible examples (there are many) include YouTube, MySpace, blog software, email providers, etc. How might the Internet, in general, and your example specifically, have an effect on your daily life? How does your example altar or affect your online behavior? Explain and describe, being sure to make reference to the reading.
  3. Utilizing an example not already used in the readings, explain and describe how the panopticon connects with power. Within your model of a panopticon structure and/or model, who is in power? How do individuals within the panopticon become agents of their own oppression? How do corporations, businesses, institutions, and/or governmental entities justify their use of panopticon structures, models, and/or techniques? Make reference to your example and the reading.