For next week, October 4th, please read/view the following:ideology.jpg


Below are sets of questions. You must choose one of the sets to respond to, but be sure to answer all questions within that set. Please keep in mind what I discussed in class last week — make explicit connections between your thoughts and the readings; otherwise, your comments come across as just opinion. In what ways are your thoughts either informed by or reflect what you are reading?

  1. Consider both the Hitler and King speeches you viewed on YouTube. Discuss some of the ideologies (or “natural” presuppositions) that you were able to identify as existing within both speeches. In other words, what larger doctrines, myths, beliefs, or ideas are presented (either implicitly or explicitly) within each of these two speeches?mlk.jpg
  2. How is interpellation (p. 44-48 in TT) at work in both Hitler and King’s speeches? How does the interpellation of those within the audience affect their subjectivity?
  3. Describe, as best you can, the “American” ideology. Be sure to utilize quotes from the text. Does America have one overriding ideology or many dominant ideologies? How do the ideologies fit with the realities? Are (American) ideologies, as the chapter seems to suggest, more myth than reality/truth? Explain.