For this coming Thursday:

  • If you haven’t already, be sure to respond to Response Assignment #2.
  • Read/view the materials below – though you will not have to do a blog response. However, be sure to read/view carefully, so you are prepared to discuss in class.

Readings/Viewings due this Thursday:


“Subjectivity,” p. 35-50, TT

View: Interpellation Slide Show and International Signs and Misinterpretations

Legal Alien” by Pat Mora

    • Also, below is a list of students expected to do their first in-class case study, so be sure that you are prepared to discuss a cultural artifact that is illustrative of any of the readings from either last week or this week.

    September 27th: Larry Bowen, Dwight Osborne, Whitney Hoffman, Hope Lockett

    • For information on what is expected of those doing their in-class case studies, click here.

    And, as always, please email me with any questions.