* please note new page on blog (above in green border tabs) that indicates schedule of individual case studies. First one is next week by Hope.

For next Thursday, September 20th, please read/view the following:

Consider the following questions, though feel free to also write about anything else that takes your attention. Please provide examples of whatever you discuss, from readings/viewings, class discussions, and/or your own examples from contemporary culture. Be sure to also enter into a discussion with your classmates, as you did before.

  1. When considering a particular cultural artifact, how do you determine who/what produces meaning? Provide your own example, or utilize the story of Little Red Riding Hood to further discuss the production of meaning.
  2. Provide an example of your own from contemporary culture that illustrates how the relationship between signifier/referent and itsmagrittedecalcomania.jpg signified is arbitrary, as suggested in TT. Explain and discuss.
  3. According to Jacques Derrida, there is no meaning outside of context, nor is there any “final context.” What does this mean? What example can you provide that helps to further illustrate this idea?
  4. How is identity (individual and/or community) formed? Is there such a thing as an “American”? If you had to explain to an alien that you were an American, how would you explain this identification? What is problematic about the term “American”?
  5. Argue for or against the Confederate Flag as a racist semiotic. Be careful not to sink into opinion only; back up your thoughts with quotes from the texts, logic, and/or other examples.


  6. Consider the image to the lower right. What do you think the artist is trying to convey (what meaning)? Explain. Doesbotero.jpg this painting appear to be sexual and/or political? How so?